Friday, November 15, 2013

A painted door

 In Chloride, Sharon shared her paintings she had from Tony Mafia. She loves horses and thus when Tony did the painting on her door he portrayed her on a galloping horse in the left top corner. In the full length portrait she is holding two dolls.
Tony wrote: How beautiful she rides and signed it. The painting was done in 1990.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Picture by Barbara.

Here is a photo of the drawing which I purchased while a student at the University of Miami in 1969.
I love it and have cherished it all these years.  It's a mother with her two babies.  Was this his wife and
Barb P

Thank you Barbara. By the way: did you ever meet Tony? If you did, do you have any memories. I like the drawing you send. It looks like a pen and ink drawing. In 1969 his little son Sören was a couple of month's old. When Tony and Anna Mors left for the USA on January 14, they left a lot of the bigger items for me to use for my daughter: I remember a plastic bath tub and some bits and pieces. It did help because nobody among us had money in those days. I don't know when Anna got pregnant with their daughter. I seem to remember she was  born in autumn in 1970. So Tony may have anticipated his daughter in this drawing. To me this drawing looks like a child with two dolls... See, art is always open to different readings. I have been told that the family has lived for a while in Miami. I think he did teach art there for a while. Not sure.

Thanks for sharing.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A comment by Christopher Vipond Davies

He writes: I knew Tony back in 1965 in Paris. We played and sang together in a would be cowboy bar. I had left Britain a few months before to "find myself" and in St Tropez I had found I could make a basic living singing in the cafes. After moving north to work in the champagne harvest I gravitated to Paris. At that time, I didn't have a large repertoire and probably wasn't so good, especially at handling people who requested songs I didn't know. The boss like Tony but had reservations about me, but Tony insisted we were a pair. "I’m Just a Country Boy" - Music by Fred Brooks, Lyrics by Marshall Barer - written for Harry Belafonte and now associated most with Don Williams was a favourite song of his, he played in with a rising chord sequence. He wanted to go to Spain, I wasn't sure, and we parted, shortly later I went to Italy. I've always remembered him, also his great art, in those days I remember mainly ink drawings with colour was, a very immediate impression of a moment a place. I was very sad when I Googled him some time ago to find he'd passed on, but happy to find him so comprehensively remembered. I was reminded of him again last Saturday: I was singing n the street in Amsterdam, where I live, not far from the Rembrandthuis and an artist stopped to chat, and mentioned he'd known Deroll Adams who I read had known Tony, and all the memories came flooding back. Am working on finishing a song about him, based on Country Boy, wanna sing it on Tuesday at a meeting celebrating the UN Day of Friendship.

Thank you Christopher for this nice testimony.

Monday, May 20, 2013

An other Tony Mafia painting on e-bay

This painting by Tony is currently for sale on e-bay I guess it is late sixties, early seventies and typical for the way he painted in thouse years. And yes he loved his guitars and pretty girls. I do like the background and the suggestion of choppy stones, the iron bars for the window and the women in red in the back... Charming.

It is signed but I find no date on it and yes it is oil on canvas.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bullshit Cowboy

Here is a photo of Ben's Tony Mafia he wants to sell. My suggestion would be to post one of them with the accompanying message, that 'Here is a Tony Mafia painting that is being offered for sale. The owner is a friend of Tony's who is himself an artist/craftsman, and helped us considerably in the renovation of our US residence. He is facing severe medical problems, and is being forced 'to liquidate some of my treasures', as he said. He is asking 700 U$, which is a very fair price. I agreed to put it up for sale here on Tony's site, and handle the details for him. I will offer it for sale until 1 July, at which time the highest bidder over $700, will be the new owner. This is one of Tony's whimsical painting that everybody loves. He loved to hate the painting, hence the title. It stood in the Tennessee Saloon for a long time and yes one day Tony gave it to Ben. It is not  the best picture but in enlarging it  you'll recognize Tony's strokes and landscape. And by the way, Tony did have red boots... By the way in the meantime Ben Herbst sold the painting. May the new owner be happy with it.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Clowns in Amsterdam

I was contacted through a comment on this blog and asked to send a picture and some extra information. 
So Hans wrote: Hereby a picture of the Clown. I haven't got a photo of Winnie the Pooh, as it is currently with my daughter in the UK. I did not meet Tony personally, but a friend of mine met him in a bar in Amsterdam and I bought these two works via him in 63/64. He seemed a bit down and out at the time, so I heard. I am prepared to sell. Kind regards, Hans.

I think this is a pastel drawing. I would be interested to know it's size and whether it is beind glass. Tony was in love with the circus and did several drawings and large oils about that theme.

So if  you are interested in acquiring this piece, send a comment and I'll get you in touch with Hans.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Whiskey A Go Go and Tony Mafia

Thank you John for the additional information provided by your mam.  I gladly post it here:

"Your Dad does seem to remember buying this painting from him because he really needed to eat, and was willing to sell them for about $100.  Knowing your dad, it's hard for me to believe in the 1950's or 60's he would spend $100 for a painting.  A hundred dollars was a LOT of money then.  But on the other hand, he had just done Al Capone, so maybe he was.  He members Tony was at Schwabs Drug Store, on Sunset and Laurel, where everyone in the industry went for breakfast or lunch to maybe make a connection or be "discovered."  He thinks Tony was there because he was sort of an actor.  But reading about the Whisky, I think Dad's story made sense because Schwabs was the day-time place, and the Whisky was at night. "

This information corroborates Tony's stories about that period of his life. Dale Root also remembers Tony doing the first Go Go cages at the Whiskey A Go Go.  And yes he was kind of an actor being in a few Perry Mason issues. At the Whiskey there was supposedly also a painting hung with the back of the painting to the front and only one way of seeing it when one went to the bathroom. Also it should be repeated here that Tony did present many of the hootenannies at the Troubadour in the sixties and was part of the group "The men". I sat in a conversation when Steppenwolf came to Laughlin, Nevada between Danny and Tony remembering the Doug Weston and Troubadour days. Tony used to tell me that John Kay always lost his glasses on stage, glasses he absolutely needed.

John,I thank you for your efforts and I am afraid I learned more from you than you learned from the blog...